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January 25, 2018
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Cat-Puccino Cup Cozy

Projects for Cat People
It’s true that we live in a dog loving community.  Well beyond Summit’s borders, residents of this area will go to all lengths for their dogs.  I get it – I am a dog lover and I am so grateful for my dog’s unconditional love and devotion.  Through and through, I am a cat person.  I’ll stop short of saying I’m a crazy cat lady, but I am certain I’ll be a full fledged one by the time I’m 60.  For some reason, it’s easier to poke fun at cat lovers.  I’m pretty sure this is because, just like our cats, we couldn’t care less what anyone things about our pet preference.  In honor of the cat lovers (and also because we’ve gotten in some very lovely cat inventory), I’m encouraging cat lovers to own up and have fun with their love of cats.  Here are some great knitting and needlepoint projects that honor our favored felines.

Pippa the Panther, 8″x6″ on 13mm canvas, $98

Cecil the Lion, 10.5″x11.5″ on 13mm canvas, $175

For needlepoint, a number of canvases have just arrived that feature cats, wild and domesticated.  New arrivals from Tess & Thorn (not surprisingly) feature the wild variety.  I love the Pippa the Panther canvas as it’s diminutive and bold all at once.  This simple canvas is small and on a 13mm canvas, therefore a wonderful project for novice stitchers.  Meanwhile, Cecil the Lion big and bold.  While large, this canvas also has clear changes in color and is on 13mm canvas, so it’s not too tricky.

Calico Cat, 10″x7″ on 13mm canvas, $89

Limp on a Limb, 9″x8.5″ on 18mm canvas, $98

New Charley Harper canvases feature friendly calico cats.  A small Calico Cat canvas measures 10”x7” and on 13mm canvas, is once again a great project for newbie stitchers.  Meanwhile, Limp on a Limb captures a typical cat attitude we all know and love, with a prominent cat making itself comfortable wherever it pleases, no matter how strange it may seem.
For knitting projects, one doesn’t have to look far to find cat related projects.  The proliferation of the Pussy Hat makes it fast and easy to whip up a cat hat.  My son (who is a major cat lover, and 5 years old) doesn’t know any better and asked for a cat hat like he sees so many people wearing.  (I obliged, of course!)
It’s worth it to check out the 9 Lives collection published by Knit Picks in the early fall.  This collection includes a wide variety of projects, from a simple hat to a huge blanket to intarsia sweaters.  

Professor Meow

Facebook followers may recall our awesome knitter, Catelyn, who knit up the amazing Professor Meow sweater using Rowan’s Brushed Fleece.  I’m obsessed with this yarn, and grateful to whomever suggested this combination of yarn and project.  I’m so inspired that it’s on my queue (although I’d like to knit mine up with long sleeves and a funnel neck).  What’s more, Brushed Fleece knits up quickly into a sweater (at a gauge of 14 stitches/4”) and is a totally appropriate project for your first foray into intarsia.

Cat-Puccino Cup Cozy

The Cat-Puccino Cup Cozy is another quick project which is a wonderful (and fast) first intarsia project.  If I were making this one, I’d pick up one skein of Madeline Tosh Merino Light and add cat details with Unicorn Tails!

Kitties on My Lap Blanket

Another knitter is knitting up this collection’s Kitty on my Lap blanket.  Pam carefully curated yarns to represent the important cats in her life.  Bits of mohair and marled yarns add texture to give each cat some personality.  I love the abstract look of this blanket, which almost looks like a patchwork quilt.  This blanket is knit up in strips, with new kitty cats picked up and knit into their neighboring cats.  

Cat’s Meow

My son put me on a cat sweater quest last year, when he requested I knit him a sweater with our cat Keggy on it.  Ultimately I delivered.  I used Amy Bahrt’s pattern called Cat’s Meow, which I simplified slightly.  The cat is knit with intarsia and the tail is added by creating an i-cord, and this project is another first foray into either of these techniques.  I knit up this sweater using Spud & Chloe’s Sweater, and my appreciation of this yarn has compounded as George has lived in this sweater over the last 18 months.  Sweater goes into the washer and dryer and holds up beautifully, getting softer over time.  I often suggest this yarn as a go-to for kids clothes, but given my experience with it, I think it should be a go-to as a workhorse worsted weight yarn for everyone!


I cannot imagine anything cuter than a pair of kitten mittens.  Luckily, there are a ton of options based on aesthetics and skill level.  Here are a few options for your consideration.  My favorites are the Moggies, because I love a pair of mittens made with stranded color work (because, at the least, it makes for a warm pair of mittens!).  
Other Kitten Mittens:

Cat Scarf for my Daughter

My daughter has requested a cat scarf, and has specifically requested the “Telon & Mio the Cats” scarf, which is something between a softie and neckerchief.  Oh, and she wants it to look like our cat Klaus.  Of course, I will oblige.  

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