New Needlepoint Arrivals from the Dallas Needlepoint Show!


Biggie Smalls, 13mm, 10"x10"

Biggie Smalls, 13mm, 10″x10″



Cockatoo, 13mm, 7"x7"

Cockatoo, 13mm, 7″x7″


Feathers, 13mm, 14"x10"

Feathers, 13mm, 14″x10″


Black Labs, 16mm, 7"x7"

Black Labs, 16mm, 7″x7″


NYC Landmarks, 13mm, 9"X9"

NYC Landmarks, 13mm, 9″X9″


Blackbirds, 13mm, 11"x14"

Blackbirds, 13mm, 11″x14″

Farmers Market Bicycle, 18mm, 11"x8"

Farmers Market Bicycle, 18mm, 11″x8″

Melon, 13mm, 12"x10"

Melon, 13mm, 12″x10″


Squirrel & Cardinal, 13mm, 7"X17"

Squirrel & Cardinal, 13mm, 7″X17″


Otter Family, 18mm, 10.5"X14"

Otter Family, 18mm, 10.5″X14″


Butterfly, 18mm, 9"x6"

Butterfly, 18mm, 9″x6″


Boston Terrier, 18mm, 7"x8"

Boston Terrier, 18mm, 7″x8″


Zecca Blackbird & Flower, 13mm, 9.25"x12.5"

Zecca Blackbird & Flower, 13mm, 9.25″x12.5″


Hippo & Bird, 13mm, 11"x15"

Hippo & Bird, 13mm, 11″x15″


Moose, 18mm, 9.25"x6.25"

Moose, 18mm, 9.25″x6.25″


White Shaggy Dog, 13mm, 8"x8"

White Shaggy Dog, 13mm, 8″x8″


the Pug, 16mm, 10"x8"

the Pug, 16mm, 10″x8″


Black Shaggy Dog, 13mm, 8"x8"

Black Shaggy Dog, 13mm, 8″x8″


Bird with Egg, 13mm, 8"x8"

Bird with Egg, 13mm, 8″x8″


Pink Bird Glasses Case, 18mm, 3.5"x6.5" (each panel)

Pink Bird Glasses Case, 18mm, 3.5″x6.5″ (each panel)


Modern Greek Key, 13mm, 10"x10"

Modern Greek Key, 13mm, 10″x10″

Needlepoint Finishing Services


• We offer a wide variety of finishing services at Wool & Grace.

• Let us turn your needlepoint canvas into a pillow, belt, Christmas stocking, ornament, key fob or eyeglass case.

• If you have canvases that need to be finished, bring them in!  We will help you come up with something perfect.

    Needlepoint Threads

• DMC Perle Cotton 5 and 3

• Kreinik Metallics #12 and #16 braid

• Colonial Perisian Wool



We also offer Knitting Finishing Have a sweater in pieces? We can turn your knitting into an amazing finished garment. From stitching to blocking we can do it all.

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