August 16, 2017

Wrap It Up

Wrap It Up If you lose hours looking over Ravelry like I do, you’ve noticed that Shannon Cook’s Veronika Cardigan has garnered a lot of attention recently. This sort of sweater could be described as a cardigan-wrap or shawl-with-sleeve-holes. We’ve seen this construction before (and if you read our blog you know I love it), but this slightly textured version, with its deep shawl collar is especially attractive to a lot of knitters. I get it. I’ve twice made Jared Flood’s Inversion (which is the same concept) and I love crawling into this piece. It’s like a soft piece of armor that gives me comfort and style, all at once. Given the popularity of Cook’s Veronika Cardigan, I wanted to give you a few other examples, and encourage you to knit up and crawl into one of these beauties yourself. Cook’s Veronika Cardigan is an oversized version of the cardigan-wrap. It’s worked up in a worsted weight yarn at a gauge of 17 stitches per 4 inches, so imagine it to be light and lofty. A simple purl ridge pattern […]
August 8, 2017

For the Love of Garter Stitch Shawls

For the Love of Garter Stitch Shawls I can’t help myself around garter stitch, especially a good old garter stitch shawl or wrap.  This simple stitch results in major smooshy, cozy loveliness.  When at TNNA, I kept dragging Patty back over to the Fibre Company booth, mainly because a woman was wearing a striking green, garter stitch shawl that I desperately wanted to put my hands on.  Luckily a number of patterns have just been released that satisfy this love, and I have a few more tricks up my sleeve to make the most of my love of garter stitch. First of all, we’ve had this gorgeous yarn from Pure Bliss hanging around the shop all summer, and it’s not getting the attention it deserves.  Sita is a ridiculously luminous blend of cotton and silk, worked into a chainette with a hint of nylon (to add some ease to your stitching).  This yarn comes in beautiful brights and sophisticated neutrals, perfect for anything.  While I’m a die-hard sweater knitter, I’ve been dying to knit this into a scarf or wrap.  […]
August 2, 2017

Holiday Needlepoint PSA

Holiday Needlepoint PSA Needlepoint activity always picks up at the shop during the summer – and there’s a reason for this!   We have some downtime and a needle and a canvas are easy to pick up and work on here and there!  As the last days of summer are upon us (yes, it’s August people!) I’m here to encourage you to keep going, and enjoy that needlepoint on the porch, at the beach and even after the summer ends.  Just remember, if you have projects that you want to have finished (by our finishers, that is) before the winter holidays, we need to have those projects by September 30.  Our finishers usually have a 4-6 week turnaround, but with the influx of work at the holidays, it’s more like an 8-week turnaround.  Plan accordingly (and get to work)! Thinking ahead has me thinking about all of the beautiful holiday needlepoint canvases we have at Wool & Grace.  I especially love the Christmas stockings – which are heirlooms that last a lifetime.  Whether you have a new child or grandchild […]
July 26, 2017

When Inspiration Strikes, and Some Sweater Knitting Tips

When Inspiration Strikes, and Some Sweater Knitting Tips Does anyone know George who works at Theory at the Bloomingdales in Short Hills Mall?  Besides that he is great figuring out someone’s aesthetic quickly and with charm, he also has super-mind-meld-powers to draw me over to Bloomingdale’s when there’s merchandise that  screams my name.  (Please just let me believe that this is what’s happening – it makes it much more fun for me!) The other day George used his super-mind-meld-powers again, and he hurried me over to show me some goodies he knew I would love.  Among other things, he showed me this fabulous and simple sweater in my favorite color (besides pink) – an olive green (which is apparently all the rage for fall).  He was totally right, I absolutely loved the sweater (and everything else he showed me) but explained with much respect that “I COULD MAKE THAT.”  Then my wheels started turning about how to execute. For the pattern, the most obvious choice popped up immediately: Amy Herzog’s Custom Fit.  If you’re not familiar with this program, Herzog […]