October 18, 2017

Learn a Little

Learn a Little Unexpected moments and encounters are such treasures.  Stepping outside our routine usually gives us the opportunity to see or hear something new.  I love my classes, but we get in the zone on projects and knitting trends.  So this weekend when I was at W&G for some special events (I’m not there on the weekend often anymore!) I met Martha and she made a simple comment that she likes small projects.  It is so refreshing to hear something so simple and clear.  Especially for this blog, it’s really nice to get some feedback about what you want to hear about.   As you may know, I’m a big believer in learning new knitting techniques in small projects.  We get to dabble in something without feeling burdened by the enormity of it.  At the end of it, you’ve created something small and relatively quick, but you can confidently say “Yes, I’ve cabled/done brioche stitch/done stranded knitting.”  Also, if you’re like me, and you aren’t entirely successful the first time around, you haven’t invested an enormous amount of time […]
October 12, 2017

The New Issue of Knit.Wear is Here and my Queue Just Exploded

The New Issue of Knit.Wear is here and my Queue Just Exploded The new issue of Knit.wear has just been released and sweater knitters should pay attention.  There are a handful of beautiful sweaters in this issue, so many that I’m going to list my top 5 and leave it at that (don’t worry, I’ll also highlight a couple favorite accessories)! Before I start, I have to mention this fun little article on faux-cables.  I love texture and I love cables.  While I never get tired of them, they add bulk to fabrics and require more yarn (that was the point of cables – to make thicker and warmer sweaters).  That said, I love this little article by Roxanne Richardson about creating the illusion of cables with a simple combination of increases and decreases.  Not only is this a great technique for someone who doesn’t want to worry about having a cable needle on them, but they create that texture without adding thickness to your knitted piece.  There aren’t any specifics to show you, but it is worth mentioning that […]
October 5, 2017

You Can Make That: Garnet Hill Edition

You Can Make That: Garnet Hill Edition I just popped into the shop to see what was happening today and Patty pulled out the new Garnet Hill catalog she just received in the mail. We gasped when we saw the front cover! When did Garnet Hill start selling yarn?!?! Guess what? They don’t sell yarn. I get it, Garnet Hill! You’re trying to remind us that you use real fibers to make your garments. We can’t help take that cover with a grain of salt because Wool & Grace DOES sell yarn and all of those natural fibers. As we peruse all of the wearable, classic knits throughout the catalog, we can’t help but think “I could make that.” Not only that, our handmade pieces last a lifetime, and we can swoon over our awesomeness that instead of buying a ready-made version from a catalog, that we took a really long piece of yarn and made this stuff for ourselves. One of the first pieces that caught my eye was the Cozy High-Low T-neck. I love the super cozy look […]
October 5, 2017

Trunk Shows Galore at Wool & Grace

Trunk Shows Galore at Wool & Grace! We have a double whammy of trunk shows happening at Wool & Grace for the next couple weeks! Not only do we have a Brooklyn Tweed Arbor Trunk Show accompanying our Brooklyn Tweed Pop-Up Shop, but we have a Blue Sky Fibers Trunk Show featuring some adorable and easy accessories. Our BT Arbor Trunk Show is going to feature some awesome accessories that will be great for men and women. One of my favorite pieces in this trunk show is Junction, a straightforward scarf with strong, modern, diagonal lines. The catch? This piece incorporates fluffy and warm brioche stitch, making for a lofty and warm scarf. The Burnaby Hat and Shawl incorporate simple cables, and Arbor’s high twist lets these qualities shine with it’s awesome stitch definition. While the shawl has a more feminine feel, the hat is a great gift for a man or woman. The High Pines Cowl is a very popular, textured cowl that uses 3 skeins of Arbor. This is the perfect project for someone who wants to dip […]